Our company is located near Le Havre, on a site of 14 000 square meters, with a building of 4 000 square meters.

Storage area

Purchase & collection of plastic scraps

We buy and recycle all types of plastic material, mainly of industrial origin. We collect plastic scraps from industrial companies working in business sectors such as automobile, medicine, cosmetics and all converters.

We accept all kinds of packaging (big bags, bulk…) and we have pallet boxes, iron boxes or other packaging types available on our site, if needed.



We grind all kinds of rigid and clean plastic materials, with various grids. We accept small and big series. We mainly grind polyolefin plastics, but we also work on styrene-based materials and some others said to be « technical » ones.


Crushing & metal separation

LR Plast has a crushing machine in order to assure the destruction of finished products. This crushing machine is equipped with a magnet that enables to separate plastic and metal parts and to prepare the product before its recycling.


Sales of grinded materials

Please contact us for any request for materials.

We deliver our products all over Europe, in complete or partial loads.


On your request, our logistic department can organize loadings and deliveries on our site, whether in container or in truck.


We also offer to re-pack your materials, mostly in big bags. For more information, please contact us.